Advent Bible Studies

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Want to dive into a deeper Bible study during Advent. Beginning the last week of November, we will have two different four-week studies. Each study provides opportunities to connect and grow in your faith.

Exploring the Eternal Christmas

On Mondays (beginning Nov 27) at 6 pm, Cory Lucyzwo will lead a study called Exploring the Eternal Christmas. Every year, as Christmas approaches, we look with joyful expectation toward the birth of Jesus. However, with this comes a reminder that we are still awaiting our own return of Christ. Join us for this 4-week study as we explore the themes of Advent. We’ll look at what those themes mean in light of Christmas, as well as what they mean for us today, where we long for an eternal Christmas in which we will be with Christ forever.

The Greatest Gift
As a way to dive deeper into the understanding of God’s love and discover more about the lineage of Christ and gift of Christmas, we will have two women’s groups going through the study and book by Ann Voskamp called: The Greatest Gift.

This study features 25 fresh readings that begin from an unexpected beginning and usher you into the most epic story ever told– unlike it’s ever been told. From Creation to Christmas, this study is an unveiling of Christ’s majestic family tree that not only gives ultimate meaning and awe to your Christmas tree, but powerfully transforms your own life story.

Join the Wednesday Morning Group (Nov 29 -Dec 17)

Join the Wednesday Night Study: (Nov 29, – Dec 17)