Short-Term Bible Classes & Experiences

Ready to dive into God's word & Great discussion?

This fall, we are launching several new Bible classes and experiences that will help you grow deeper in your understanding of the Bible, engage in discussion and connect with others. Learn more about each class and sign up below or through Church Center. We will have a second group of classes beginning in October.


The Book of James 
Teacher: Mark Mildren
Sunday 5 pm   
Begins Sept. 11

This is an in-depth study of the book of James, written by Jesus' brother. The theme running through James is: Don't just listen to the Word, but be doers of the Word.

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Questions God Asks Us 
Teacher: Jim Mason
Tuesdays: 6:30 to 8 pm 
Begins Sept 13

Exploring five questions from both the Old and New Testament,  we will explore Scripture and context revealing our dynamic relationship with God, personally and in community.

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Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story
Teacher: Marcia Mahnken
Wednesdays:  9:30-11 am 
Begins Sept. 14 for 7 weeks. 

Have you wondered how the 66 books of the Bible, written over a period of approximately 1500 years by more than 40 authors consistently tells one story? We'll explore this more in this study.

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International Friends
Teacher: Len Bartlotti
Wednesdays: 6:30 to 8 pm
Begins: Sept. 14 for 4

The Nations are now our neighbors. In this class, we will explore how to build relationships and bridges of love and understanding to people from other cultures. 

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About the Teachers

Mark Mildren: Book of James Class
Teacher Mark Mildren has been leading Bible studies for 45 years. He currently leads a Sunday morning class as well. James is one of his favorite books and one he believes will help anyone engage in a deeper more meaningful faith. Mark is a retired Methodist pastor. He spent his entire career in Missouri on staff at FUMC West Plains. He is also a part-time minister at the LifeSong UMC in Reeds Springs.

Rev Jim Mason: Questions God Asks Us Class
Jim Mason serves on staff a few hours a week as a "mostly retired" pastor from Schweitzer. He'll approach this class as a discussion based conversation about the Bible and how it applies to our lives on an every day basis. He might even meet you at Panera to discuss more questions. 

Marcia Mahnken: Seamless Class
Maria is a fantastic musician, often leading us in worship on Sundays for traditional service. She also loves the Lord and His Word!  As Marcia has studied the Scriptures, led and facilitated many Bible studies, all still with much to learn, she offers to walk alongside of anyone who wants to grow in the wisdom and revelation of the Bible.  

Dr. Len Bartolli: International Friends Class
With 40-year's  experience of cultural ministry, Len will guide us in what is culture and what is cross-cultural communication. He'll share what different world views may look like and help the class better understand what it means to share Jesus with love and respect. Len's experience out "in the field" offers a perspective that will encourage Godly conversations with the world and community around us.