Christmas Gifts for Pittman

In Announcements by Schweitzer Church

This Christmas, we are taking on a new project as we partner with Pittman Elementary to bring joy to all kids at this school.

The goal is to stock the Cents of Pride store with all kinds of goodies.
The Cents of Pride store is the place where kids can use school points to buy gifts for friends, family or even something special for them.

If you are attending in-person services, you can select a snowflake from the back of the Sanctuary beginning November 29. Items can be dropped off in the front office or the fellowship center through Dec. 20. 

If you are part of our online community, go to our Amazon Wish list have a store gift sent directly to the church and we’ll pass it on to our friends at Pittman.

Here is a complete list of gift ideas:
Here’s a full list of all items we’re collecting:
Board games
Sports equipment (Basketball, football, soccer ball)
Pajamas (Size 5-12)
Shoes (Kids 10- Youth 6)
Science Kits
Art Kits
Baby dolls
Hot wheels
Remote control cars
Superheroes/action figures
Socks (sizes 1-8)
Fire engines, police cars
Building kit (Legos, linked logs)
stuff animals
Dinosaurs, dragons, reptiles

Note: We are doing this instead of our partnership with Crosslines this Christmas.