Why Is It Important To Give?

Giving reflects a grateful heart that wants to give to God a portion of what he has given us. When you give, lives are changed.
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Online Giving

The Church Center App makes online giving faster, safer and easier than ever before! Plus, it allows you to take control of more than just your giving—it's a way to connect with Schweitzer on a whole new level.

The Church Center app is built by Planning Center, which means it integrates with a vast majority of the tools we already use: Services, Check-Ins, Groups and Registrations.

Check out the video to learn more about the Church Center app and its capabilities.

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If you are required to take an annual distribution from your IRA, you can make a donation to Schweitzer directly from your IRA. By donating directly to Schweitzer, you can satisfy your required minimum distribution without reporting your gift as income. If you no longer itemize, this allows you the benefits of a charitable contribution without itemizing. It is best to consult your tax advisor to determine if this approach will benefit you. If you have questions, contact Donna Roberts.

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Donna Roberts

chief operating officer

"It is my joy to serve on the administrative team, working with all of the ministries to serve the Lord together. I am passionate about stewardship—being a good steward of the things God has given us so we can grow God's kingdom and change lives."

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