How to Get Started: Spiritual Disciplines 1

In How To Get Started Classes by Schweitzer Church

Session 1 | Expect a Miracle

Discussion & Reflection Questions
• Think about a time you felt the Presence of God in your life in a profound way. How would you describe it? What caused it? 

• Think about a season you have felt far from God (or spiritually stale). How would you describe it? What caused it? 

• Using a scale of 1-10, how would you rate how close to God you feel in this season of your life? Why did you rank yourself there?

• Who is someone you really look up to because of their relationship with God? What about them is so inspiring to you?

• What do you think God wants your relationship with him to be like? 

• What do you think your honest expectations are for your life as a follower of Jesus?