How to Get Started: Spiritual Disciplines 2

In How To Get Started Classes by Schweitzer Church

Session 2 | Do you want to get well?

Read John 5:1-15

What do you think the disabled man is feeling before he meets Jesus?

What do you think he is feeling when Jesus asks him if wants to get well?

Why do you think he doesn’t just say “yes!”?

Spiritual growth doesn’t happen on accident. 

How would you describe your journey of Christian discipleship and growth?

When were times you have felt you were really able to grow? What enabled that growth?

How would you describe your journey today? Are you growing or stuck?

What are some things that tend to get in the way for you? Are there certain temptations you can name? Mindsets? Fears? Distractions? 

What do you think Jesus would say to you about the things that get in your way?

Take a few minutes today to ask the Lord to help you overcome these things that are in your way.