Pastor of Families

In by Schweitzer Church

Supervisor: Executive Pastor
To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to: Jason Leininger at

Hourly/Salary: Full-time, Exempt, with benefits including vacation and personal days, matching 401K contributions

General Description:  The Pastor of Families has a growing relationship with God, and is passionate about leading others in experiencing the presence of God in dynamic and creative ways. This person is skilled at team building and development, providing pastoral and strategic leadership for family ministries, including children, students, and young adults. This person will be passionate about nurturing the spiritual growth of believers and the spiritually curious, effectively equipping them to deepen their relationship with Christ and serve the world.   


  • Is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, committed to a Christ-centered lifestyle of continual spiritual growth
  • Aligns tasks and responsibilities in helping Schweitzer achieve its mission of Transforming lives by making disciples of Jesus Christ
  • A humble and appreciative leader, earning respect and building trust
  • Demonstrates high energy and productivity
  • A Risk Taker
  • Safe Gatherings certified
  • Is or will become a member at Schweitzer and fulfill the membership covenant of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness 


  • Master’s degree in ministry, theology, or a related field, preferred 
  • Seven plus (7+) years of experience in vocational ministry/or experience in a related field; prefer if those years are in Kids or Student Ministry
  • Demonstrated gift of leadership, with the ability to recruit, train, and develop staff – volunteers and paid
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement strategic plans
  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to energize, equip, plan, and launch vibrant ministries that connect with and grow the next generation in God’s mission
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with children and adults
  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team-oriented environment
  • Ability to start new things and inspire others to new initiatives
  • Fully support women in ministry at all levels of leadership
  • Theologically equipped and aligned with the Methodist tradition; can develop and lead a ministry that is Christ-centered, age-relevant, and culturally engaging


  • Spiritual Leadership: Provide spiritual leadership and guidance to the children’s and student ministries, ensuring they align with the church’s mission and vision
  • Team Oversight: lead and support Kid’s Director and Student Director, helping them to develop and implement effective ministry programs and strategies
  • Strategy Development: Develop and implement an evangelistic and discipleship strategy for ages birth through young families, including pathways for the sacraments, and spiritual formation experiences
  • Equipping: Equip parents with the resources, tools, and training necessary to effectively nurture their child’s faith and spiritual formation at home
  • Pastoral Care: provide pastoral care to families as appropriate
  • Recruitment and Training: lead family ministry staff to recruit and appropriately train all volunteers and leaders, ensuring required screenings and policies are complete and up to date  
  • Teaching: serve as lead organizer/planner of teaching schedule for student ministry
  • Curriculum: Serve as the lead curriculum guide for Kid’s ministry
  • Budget Management: creates and manages responsible stewardship of annual budgets connected to Family Ministries
  • Evangelistic and Camps – leads in creating lively evangelistic kids events and spiritually deepening camp experiences for students

Other Responsibilities:

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings and other meetings where assigned
  • All other duties as assigned

The Wins:

  • Communicating to the congregation the growth and missional activity of kids and student ministries 
  • A healthy relationship to the budget, reporting, calendaring, and the minutia of ministry
  • Implementation and achievement of the Next Gen Strategic Plan
    • Relevant and engaging content for students and kids spiritual formation
    • Increased visibility of young gen ministries amidst the whole church
    • Increase Multi-generational connectedness
    • A greater connectivity between GTK preschool families and Schweitzer

About Schweitzer Church

Schweitzer is a Christ-centered, Community-focused congregation that includes all generations seeking to experience engaging worship, growing deeper in discipleship with caring hearts as we work for community impact. Schweitzer expresses worship with Modern and Traditional styles. Schweitzer sits on 10 acres on the thriving east side of Springfield, Missouri, a city of 160,000+ people, and is the Queen City of the Ozarks. It is a great place to live, learn, and raise a family. Springfield and Schweitzer are poised for long-term dynamic growth.