David Freeman is a discipleship mentor. Here he is with Brian who we meets with each week.


There are times we need someone to walk with us in our faith journey. Someone to encourage us, to really know what’s happening in our life and to pray for us along the way. A discipleship mentor can be this person.

What exactly is a Discipleship Mentor?
It’s simply another committed Christian who says, “Yes, I’ll walk along together with you, and we can talk.

We are all – every one of us – walking our Journey of Faith. Every day as we walk along, we face questions or decisions about applying our faith to our everyday life. Today, maybe we’re trying to figure out a Biblical principle; tomorrow, maybe there’s a small fork in our road – a job change or significant decision – where a second pair of ears might be useful as we decide which action better fits our walk with Christ. This is where a discipleship mentor comes in. Our mentorship team are people who have been trained but also have a heart for walking with others. Each relationship looks different. Below you’ll see a video highlighting David Freeman & Brian Standage’s mentorship.

What is the time commitment?
This is up to you. We typically recommend meeting weekly with no rules on how long the mentorship will last. We typically start off by saying simply saying, “Let’s try it for a while and see how it works.”

If this time and relationship doesn’t prove useful, you can stop at anytime but at the least you’ll have gained a new friend.


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