Sermon Series: Fruit of the Spirit

Date: September 10, 2023 / Speaker: Spencer Smith

Date: September 10, 2023 / Speaker: Spencer Smith

Sermon Discussion

Week 8: Moses: The Benefit of Boundaries
Exodus 18.1-27

Gathering Question:
Describe a time when you felt like a family member meddled in your work? What were your thoughts/emotions? How did the conversation go? What, if anything would you do different? 

Gathering Prayer:
Kind Father as we gather, may we encounter your Word as a lamp unto our feet and light to our paths; that we might walk with Christ in the way of life. Awaken us by your Spirit, so your Kingdom might be at work in us, and in the world you love. Amen. 

Opening Questions:

⁃            What stood out to you in the sermon?
⁃            What insights did you gain? 
⁃            What questions did it raise?

Read Exodus 18.1-12 
– Have you ever been separated as Moses was from his family? Maybe as a kid, as a parent, as a spouse? How did you experience it? How was God present in that moment?

–  Moses is able to describe God’s work in simple and clear ways that are clearly evident to his father-in-law. Have you identified a ‘clearly evident’ work of God in your own life? 

–  Jethro hear Moses’ account and is led to worship – worship from an outsider. How does our worship allow for, and get inaugurated by outsiders? How does our vision and language need to shift in God’s kingdom around insiders/outsiders?

Read Exodus 18.13-27
–  St. John Chrysostom thought Moses had extraordinary humility to receive Jethro’s intrusion and wisdom. How would you have received this? What needs to change in your life so you can receive a word like Moses did?

–  We all have places where we may be extending past good and healthy boundaries. Take a moment and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you about your own life. How could your group affirm, or clarify what the Spirit may be pointing out? How could your group support, pray for, or encourage you in good boundaries?

Closing Prayer