Urban Summit Recap

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Schweitzer sponsored and hosted the SGF Urban Summit on Thursday, October 3. The impetus for the event was obedience. Schweitzer has been, and is, dedicated to contributing to the community in good and beautiful ways. We recognize that there are others, who we live and labor along side of, who are contributing to God’s Kingdom in a variety of ways. The Summit was a place for those stories to be shared, for God’s good and beautiful work to be celebrated, and for those who care deeply about these efforts to be encouraged and equipped.

The Summit saw an attendance of about 60 community leaders taking in some portion of the day. We had about 30 volunteers that created an incredibly hospitable environment. Those who presented were received well. Many of the speakers, after giving their presentation, would be pursued by participants who had their interest piqued, and they were looking for a way to engage and take action. Candles were present as a way to symbolize when someone had the dawning of a new dream or had a dream reignited. At the end of the day the day, 21 candles had been lit.

Two consist points of feedback included, “This was great!” And “When is it going to happen again?”

We rejoice that participants walked away with a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and grit. Be on the look out for more developments for SGF Urban.

Thanks to Schweitzer for your prayers, interest, and investment in the people of the city of Springfield.