Pastor’s Note – April 2, 2020

In Pastor's Note by Schweitzer Church


I’ve heard from so many people who are very encouraging and offer words of appreciation for our Sunday worship. Today, I want to give some credit where credit is due. Our staff team has gone above and beyond to make worship happen.

In a matter of days, we went from posting a weekly sermon online (filmed usually from the 8:20 worship service) to having music, prayer, announcements, giving, and a 52 Story. We even shifted the site hosting our worship services to allow for our church family to interact with one another through the chat. We were not ready for this shift and we’ve only been able to do this because we have such a talented team.

When the stay-at-home order came from the city, we discussed how to continue to offer worship. Thankfully, the city included allowing churches to film worship to offer remote/virtual worship services. We felt it was important to film in the Sanctuary to offer a familiar setting for worship. When we film the worship service, we only have three people in the Sanctuary at one time. The music is filmed at one time, the preaching at another, and the prayer and welcome filmed at another.  It’s very strange to preach to an empty room!

A few other things to keep you in the loop.

  1. Everyday on Facebook and Instagram in our “Stories” you will find a short one-minute word of encouragement from a staff member. You’ll want to watch these.
  2. I’ve heard of several classes and groups of various kinds moving to Zoom for their gatherings. If you are in a class or group, I encourage you to think about having virtual gatherings. Don’t give up meeting together.
  3. Our Food Pantry continues to be a vital ministry. The demand has been outrunning our supply so we’ve had to reduce hours.

I continue to be impressed and encouraged by the faithfulness of our church family.

God is faithful.