Pastor’s Note – April 9, 2020

In Pastor's Note by Schweitzer Church


Christ is risen!

This weekend we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. (Actually, every Sunday we celebrate resurrection, but this Sunday, of course, is Easter). It’s a bit of a bittersweet Easter. As Todd Hunter writes in a recent article on Christianity Today,

On Easter Sunday morning, most of us will be housebound, sheltering in place when everything in our being will yearn to break free from our tight confinement and isolation to join Jesus in his freedom. Our hearts will cry for accustomed sanctuaries, familiar people, and family dinners. Leaders and our people will wonder, even if we can’t put precise words to it, How does loss, pain, confusion, and lament work on the one day of the year when we focus sharply on celebration?

Hunter goes on to challenge us not just to celebrate Easter, but to practice it. That is, in light of this week of bad news and higher infections, we have a decision to actively choose to have faith. The good news of Easter is especially good in times like this. Of course, this isn’t the first time in Christian history where Easter has been shrouded by circumstances like ours.

And so, on Sunday morning we will gather (online), we will sing out loud (in our homes), we will pray prayers of faith (through a screen), and we will proclaim the Easter message of hope (over the internet). I hope you’ll join us. And I hope you will invite others to participate. Everyone right now needs to hear a message of hope.

On Friday, we will also have our Good Friday service online at 6:30. You’ll want to join us for this special service where we remember the cross.

Be reminded and be encouraged:
Jesus is alive.
The grave is empty.
The promises of God are true.

God is faithful.


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