Pastor’s Note – March 26, 2020

In Pastor's Note by Schweitzer Church


What a week we’ve had. Everyday the news seems to get worse. There is tremendous uncertainty. Fear is everywhere.

And yet…there is also hope. We are called children of God. There’s an empty grave. We’ve been given the promise that nothing in all of creation could ever separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

This is a unique opportunity to share this good news of hope with a world that is paralyzed by fear. If you haven’t thought about it yet, this health crisis is an incredible opportunity to share good news. Right now there are some practical ways we can do this. For instance, online church could be a blessing in that we are able to quickly and easily share this experience with others. Think about all the people who live far away, or people who may be intimidated, or may be too busy to come to church, but now we have an opportunity to quickly and easily share this experience.

I encourage you to be bold with invitations to online worship. Share the link ( on Facebook. Text it to friends and family without church homes. Let’s speak a word of hope and encouragement into these fearful times.

This Sunday will be a great Sunday to invite someone to join you in worship. This Sunday we’re going to talk about the reason why we can have faith instead of fear.

Last Sunday we started a new series called Faith and Fear. We’re looking at the life of Abraham as we explore how to live in faith and not in fear. I’m drawn to Abraham because he is a hero of faith, and yet someone who struggles deeply with fear.

In this series, we’re going to see some of the most inspiring moments of faith in the entire Bible. We’re also going to see some of the most disappointing moments of fear. If you read through Genesis, you begin to see a pattern in Abraham’s life: moments of great faith and then moments of great fear. Abraham is a person just like us. His moments of faith and his struggle with fear feel real because this is what the struggle with fear looks like.

I hope you’ll join us on Sunday at 9:02 for worship. Also, if you know someone who is not able to participate in online worship, please let us know by calling the church office (881-6800) so we can get a physical CD sent to them.

God is faithful.


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