Pastor’s Note with Special News about Reopening

In Pastor's Note by Schweitzer Church


Let’s talk about re-opening.

Governor Parson will begin to reopen the state on Monday, May 4. You’ve probably been wondering what this means for Schweitzer.

We have been committed from the beginning to working with and supporting the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. Today, the Health Department released guidelines for Phase 1 of The Road to Recovery. For the time being, Schweitzer will

  • continue with online worship only;
  • will not open our building for small groups or classes;
  • will not open our office for the public.

We’ve been in conversation with the Health Department about reopening our Grow to Know Preschool, which will open on Monday, May 4. Grow to Know will be operating differently than normal with reduced children per classroom, changes in pick-up and drop-off, and limitations on classes interacting with one another. Our Food Pantry will also be open.

Let me say a word about government leaders. You may feel frustrated with these guidelines as you think they’re moving too slowly, or perhaps you feel they are moving too quickly. In the midst of this, let’s choose to give one another, and our leaders, the benefit of the doubt and to be gracious in our approach to them. Let’s also be committed to praying for leaders and those who support them.

Finally, as we slowly reopen the church you have friends who attend a different church that will decide to do things differently Schweitzer. Instead of complaining and comparing, let’s again choose to be gracious.

We will get through this. We will reopen. Ministry and life will look different on the other side, but there will be another side. God is faithful and he’s going to see us through.