We believe in the power of prayer at Schweitzer. Each week, prayer leaders and staff spend time praying with and for one another in many different ways. Additionally, we share weekly prayer lists with our congregation and our pastoral teams. If you have a prayer need, we'd love to be an encouragement by praying with and for you. Each Tuesday night from 5:30 to 6:30 pm anyone is welcome to join us in the Prayer Room outside the Sanctuary for a time of prayer. 


The Healing Prayer team desires to connect those in need of healing to Jesus, through prayer, that He might touch their lives and bring them to the full and abundant life He has for them. 
This team has been studying the scriptures and learning from people in the field how to practice the presence of Jesus, anoint with oil, listen for the Holy Spirit, and offer the ministry of prayer.

If you would like someone on this team to contact you to make a prayer appointment,
complete the healing prayer form below.
Request A Healing Prayer Appointment



Want to dive deeper into the topic of prayer?
We offer several groups and short-term classes on this topic. 

We also invite you to pray around campus. You can also visit the Prayer Garden Chapel as a place to pray anytime you are on campus. The Prayer Room in the office/Student Center is also open during business hours.

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Jim mason

associate Pastor of pastoral care

”I live to see and experience the power of God in people's lives. One of my greatest passions is to equip and empower others in ministry—that is, to care for others in simple and profound ways."

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