Public Prayer List

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Week of May 25, 2023

Health & Encouragement
Rachael Asher, Madison Lynge, Nancy Prizhert
Nick Fenton
Jana Bachus
Tom Stever
Lory Schupach
Rachel Bough
Jim Fitch
Paul Stomp
Nichelle Friend
Beckie Waymack
Betty Owen
Patsy Spindler
Greg Hansen
Stephanie Mosley
Clay Parton
Mary Jane Goeke
Miriam Green
Sandy Shawley
Peggy Sweigart
Colton Cash
Alan Sronce
Debbie Bybee
Joe Hall
Cynthia Helmig
Anita Swier
Crew Sharp
Juliette Friend
Lindsay Reaves
Ben Fuqua
Jerry Hooper
Cheryl & Anthony Phillips
Mike Davis, Wileta Carsteen, & Anthony Smith
Kassandra Ambrosius
Shirleen Grisham
K Stone
Bob Morgan
Marilyn Chana
Jeff Berger
Mike Lachnit
Sharon & Steven Rone
Susan Rich
Evelyn Louise Harmon
Paul Gingrich
Declan Nanney
Kathy Hadley
Gina Hinch
Laura Tennant
DeeAnna Williams
Steve Parton
Cheri Hamlin
Louise Shepard
John & Pat Purtell
Joel Reeter
LeeAnn Durbin
Kehau Gerhard
The Koenemann family (Jan, Gary & Chara)

To Carolyn, John & Phillip Hoffman on the loss of Carolyn Dodds Massie, beloved mother, mother-in-law & grandmother

Special Prayers
Sermon Series, “David: A Man After God’s Own Heart”
Prayers for our Health Community
Pastor and people of Quequere UMC, our partners in the Mozambique Covenant

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