Public Prayer List

In Prayer List by Schweitzer Church

Health & Encouragement

Ann Earl
Polly Copper
Ashley Colter
Carol E Austin
Mildred Climer
Rex Easterly
David Bigelow
Kaleb Crouch
Rochelle & Michael Carroll
Tom Bean
David Calvin
Sharla Hafer
Ashley Wells
Jim & Cheryl Fitch
Anne Reynolds
Pat & John Purtell
Lisa Mason
Janie Wilson and family
Molly Plate
Karen Catlett
Sarah Tobin
John Blakey
Bob Brown
Brian O’Connell
Shirley & Marvin Chavers
Lynne Logan
Betsy Brown
Bruce Boyle
Freddie & Beth Lane
Kory Bowman
Julia & Austin Porter
Ed Waters
Zeke Ambrosius
Dave Scott
Jenny Carnahan
Lindsay & Paul Reaves
Ann Collard
Mel Wilson
Brenda O’Connell
Jeff Wilson
Kim Townsend
Marilyn M. Moore
George Blowers
Ken Walker & family
Bob & Carma Messerli
Jeff Bopp
Len Bartlotti
Kathy King
John Vertz
Mike Bliss
Cynthia Gilpin
James Jorgenson & family
Mike & Nancy Ronsse
Nicole Jones & Jerry Guyette
Nick Fenton
Rachel Bough
Betty Owen
Sandy Shawley
Colton Cash
Joe & Sandy Hall
Crew Sharp
Jerry Hooper
Susan Rich
Paul Gingrich
Declan Nanney
Louise Shepard
Joel Reeter
LeeAnn Durbin
The Koenemann family

With Sympathy
To Jason Leininger and family on the loss of Jason’s beloved grandmother on July 9

To Marvin & Shirley Chavers on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Special Prayers
Wiwa people of Columbia
Our outreach ministries through Flourish CDC
For all those serving in all branches of the military
Prayers for those suffering due to conflict and war in the Middle East and Ukraine
Slavic Church Emmanuel, meeting on the Schweitzer Church campus