Sermon Discussion: 10-15-23

Fruit of the Spirit | PART 6 | Goodness

Gathering Question: 

What is one way you’ve seen God at work in your life this week?

Gathering Prayer. 

Father, by Your Spirit, would you guide us into all truth. Help us to hear and be attentive to Your voice as we work through this study. In the name of Jesus, Your Son, we pray, Amen. 

Opening Questions

  • What stood out to you in the sermon? 
  • What insights did you gain? 
  • What questions did it raise?

The Fruit of the Spirit is goodness. 

Reflect on the word “goodness.” How do you define this word? What are some other words you might use? How do you know what is good?

Psalm 23:6, James 1:17

How have you experienced the goodness of God? 

Matthew 19:16-21

  • “What good thing must I do?” How do you think people today would answer this question?
  • We live in a secular society (secularism is living separated from the influence of God). If you live with a secular worldview, how would you answer the question of what is good?
  • Jesus cuts to the heart. Why do you think Jesus is interested in this man’s heart rather than his outward good deeds?
  • This man has wealth at the center of his life. What is the danger of living with things like wealth at the center of our lives? 
  • This man obviously has a blind spot and can’t see that wealth is robbing him of “eternal life.” What are some ways we can overcome our blind spots to see ourselves and our hearts (character) more accurately?
  • How do we begin to live with goodness as part of our heart (character) rather than just our outward deeds?

Closing Prayer.