Sermon Discussion 10-31-2021


2 Kings 2:1-18


Share a person whose leadership you admire and why.


What stood out to you in the sermon? What insights did you gain? What questions did it raise?

The example of Elijah and the fiery chariot that took him to heaven reminds us that it’s easy to get distracted and focus on the wrong things.

What are some of the things that can distract the church from focusing on it’s true mission and purpose?

What are some of the things that can distract us individually from our mission and purpose as Christians?

How can even good things distract us from the most important things in living out our faith?

What are some steps we can take to stay focused on our true mission and purpose as a church and as individual Christians?

2 Kings 2 tells about the passing of leadership from Elijah to Elisha.

Why are transitions in leadership often hard for churches and other groups?

What happens to a church if it becomes too centered around or too dependent upon one person?

How do you think Elisha felt when he learned he would be following Elijah as the next spiritual leader of God’s people?

Acts 1 tells about Jesus passing his work to his disciples. As he prepared to pass his ministry to the disciples, Jesus promised them that they would receive the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean to you to receive the Holy Spirit or be filled by the Holy Spirit?

The disciples’ vision for the future only included Israel, but God’s vision included the whole world.

Why is our vision for the future often so much smaller than God’s vision for the future?

What happens when our vision for what God can do is too small?

How might God’s vision for our church include people and ministries we never imagined being part of our church?

How might that larger vision stretch us or push us out of our comfort zone?

Jesus said, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

What do you think the disciples thought when they first heard this big vision from Jesus?

How does it feel to know that you are part of this big vision, as well?

How is this vision inspiring to you? How is it challenging or intimidating for you?

Jesus entrusted his work to us – individually and as a church. 

How does it feel to know that Jesus is counting on us to continue his work?

How are some ways that God has equipped you to share in the work of Jesus?

How have you seen God take small acts of love, kindness and service and use them to make a big impact?

How is it empowering to know that God trusts you with his work?

Give thanks that God has empowered you and the church to do the work of Jesus, today. Pray for our church – our people, our leaders and our ministries. Then, offer yourself to God. Ask God to show you how you can share in the work of Jesus.