Gathering Question: 

What is one way you have experienced God at work in your life this week?

Gathering Prayer. 

Father, by Your Spirit, would you guide us into all truth. Help us to hear and be attentive to Your voice as we work through this study. In the name of Jesus, Your Son, we pray, Amen. 

Opening Questions

  • What stood out to you in the sermon? 
  • What insights did you gain? 
  • What questions did it raise?

Revelation 3:1-6

  • What stands out to you from Jesus’ message? Why? 
  • How can a church appear to be alive and thriving and yet be dead?

Revelation 20

  • What stands out from this chapter?
  • How do you feel when you read about God’s judgment? 
  • How do you think most Christians feel about the idea of hell and final judgment? How have you heard it presented before?

Revelation 21:4

  • What does it mean to you for “the old order of things to pass away?” 

NT Wright

The whore has been overthrown, and it is time for the bride to appear. The dragon, the monster and the false prophet have been destroyed, and it is time for God and the Lamb to be revealed, with the Spirit enabling the bride to say, ‘Come’. The rule of death is at an end; the rule of life is about to begin.

  • What is your reaction to this quote? 
  • How can God’s judgment bring us hope of God’s perfect paradise? 
  • Why do Christians not need to be afraid of God’s judgment? How can we know our names are written in the Book of Life? 

Closing Prayer.