Sermon Discussion 9-4-22

Gathering Question: 

What is one way you have experienced God at work in your life this week?

Gathering Prayer. 

Father, by Your Spirit, would you guide us into all truth. Help us to hear and be attentive to Your voice as we work through this study. In the name of Jesus, Your Son, we pray, Amen. 

Opening Questions

  • What stood out to you in the sermon? 
  • What insights did you gain? 
  • What questions did it raise?

Read Matthew 7:13-29

  • What stands out in these verses? 
  • What is most challenging to you about these verses? 
  • In verses 13-14 Jesus indicates the way of the kingdom is narrow. Others have described it as costly. Dallas Willard suggests that the cost of non-Discipleship can be even higher. The non-disciple misses out on abiding peace, faith that sees God’s providence, hopefulness in the face of discouraging circumstances, and the power to do right and withstand forces of evil. Can you name other benefits of the narrow road? 
  • In 7.15-20 there is a description of ‘false prophets.” Gene Davenport noted, “False prophets usually believe themselves to be God’s messengers, called into service to do battle with the forces of evil. Usually, also, they assume that every problem has a simple solution. Missing altogether in false prophets is ‘the mystery of God….”  Have you noticed this before? What would be characteristics of true prophets? 
  • In 7.24-27 Jesus describes two kind of buildings – both beautiful, but with different foundations. What do you think Jesus calls us to do to have a foundation on the rock? 

Pray for one another, and bless one another in closing.