Small Group Discussion

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Week 1: Acts 1.1-11 – Wait Here
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1) The Pepsi commercial, “Made for watching football,” encourages the spectator in us.

– When it comes to digging into scripture and pursuing a godly life, do you feel like a spectator, or a player on the field?
– Where do you see yourself engaged on the field of God’s activity?

2) Luke writes that Jesus talked with the disciples about the Kingdom of God (v3), and the disciples asked Jesus when he was going to “free Israel and restore our kingdom?” Luke seems to suggest that Jesus and the disciples are not on the same page about the nature of kingdom.

– How do you read this difference?
– What do our own interactions with Jesus reflect?
– Are we desiring His Kingdom… or are we looking for a restoration of our kingdom(s)?

3) The Holy Spirit is described in numerous ways within the text: a) as the one who through whom Jesus gave the disciples further instructions (v.2); b) as the promised gift of the Father (v.4); as a baptizer (v.5); as a source of (godly) power (v.8); as the motivator for mission (v.8)…

– How do these descriptions of the Holy Spirit shape your understanding and experience of the Spirit?
– Have you experienced the Spirit in any of these ways?

4) Uniquely, the word from Jesus at this point, is to wait!
– How well do you do at waiting?
– How does this word from Jesus speak to you today? 

5) Jesus says to the disciples that they will be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth (v.8)
– How does this commission to the disciples describe what you and the church might be about today?

Additional Group Suggestions

Open with prayer – maybe use the song – Jesus Stand Among Us

1 Jesus, stand among us in thy risen pow’r;
let this time of worship be a hallowed hour.

2 Breathe the Holy Spirit into ev’ry heart;
bid the fears and sorrows from each soul depart.

3 Thus with quickened footsteps we’ll pursue your way,
watching for the dawning of eternal day.

Close with a prayer of Gratitude and for a renewal brought by the Holy Spirit.